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Wood Frame Waterbed Mattress Zip-On Top Covers

These zip-on top covers add a level of luxuriousness to your waterbed mattress, giving it the look and feel of a conventional mattress with the comfort advantages of a waterbed.

NightWear Wood Frame Waterbed Top Covers NightWear Top Covers from Land and Sky

Land and Sky offers the NightWear Zip on covers for wood-frame (hard-side) waterbed mattresses that cradle you in comfort. NightWear is the soft touch for hardsides.


Land and Sky NightWear Wood Frame Waterbed Top Covers

American National Manufacturing's Zip-On Top Covers

American National uses the same high quality materials that make their soft side waterbeds. The Essence with a tight-top and pillow top version. The Naples with Summer Silk/Winter Wool reversible pillow top covers.