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Wood Frame (Hard-Side) Waterbed Mattresses

Advanced Sleep Products is proud to carry the entire lines of these fine Wood Frame (Hard Side) waterbed manufacturers.

American National Manufacturing's Wood Frame (Hard-Side) Waterbeds American National Manufacturing's Wood Frame (Hard-Side) Waterbed Mattresses

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American National Manufacturing offers three different wood frame waterbeds. The Premium Med-Flo Collection, the Hydraulic Collection, and the Polyfloat Collection. These mattresses offer different comfort levels from free flow to ultra waveless for the ultimate comfort in sleep.

Land and Sky's Wood Frame (Hard-Side) Waterbeds Land and Sky's Wood Frame (Hard-Side) Waterbed Mattress Collection

Land and Sky offers the Impression Series and the Naturalizer Series of wood frame waterbed mattresses. They are 8.0" deep fill mattresses that range from free flow to waveless with the patented InnerCoil bladder.