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Waterbed Mattresses


Waterbed mattresses are not only great to sleep on but they also can be used to help relieve aches and pains allowing you to sleep easier than having that regular firm mattress. You can find two types of waterbed mattresses, hard-sided and soft-sided beds.

The soft-sided beds look like the traditional beds you find. These are designed to fit in with existing bedroom furniture. On the original waterbeds, it took a while for the beds to settle after a disturbance. Now you can find wave reducing methods in waterbeds. Some waterbed mattresses now have a mixture of air and water to help stabilize the beds. Hard-sided beds fit into a wood frame and have the same level of comfort as the soft-sided waterbeds.

If you are currently suffering from aches and pains or sleeping on a firm mattress that isn’t working for you, visit Advanced Sleep Products today and get one of our waterbed mattresses and sleep easier.

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