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Waterbed - FAQs

I have heard a lot about airbeds. Why are they superior to a regular bed?
Adjustability and conformability make airbeds tremendously desirable. By molding to the exact shape of your body airbeds excel at providing a comfortable surface while still providing adequate support. Add to this the fact that you can adjust the firmness level of the bed at the touch of a button. Finally, most airbeds are available as dual system giving each person control over their half of the sleeping surface.

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Do they ever leak?
With today's high quality latex and urethane chambers leaks are very rare. If necessary, replacement is quickly and easily done.

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How do you know if you are going to like it?
The adjustability of the airbed assures that you will be able to find the right setting for you. Most objections to sleeping surfaces have to do with their firmness. An airbed allows you to change the firmness level to your preference without getting a new mattress.

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Aren't they expensive?
If compared with other mattress systems of similar quality, airbeds are roughly equivalent in cost. There are full quality airbeds starting at $599.99 in a queen size. As airbeds outlast most regular mattresses, they actually are less expensive in the long run.

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Can I use an airbed on my existing boxsprings?
Airbeds may be placed on any serviceable boxsprings or solid foundation. Old or damaged boxsprings can diminish the performance and comfort of the airbed. As a general rule, if the mattress is worn out so is the boxsprings. Airbeds perform best on solid foundations.

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Can I wash the outer cover of my airbed?
While in some cases it might be possible, this is rarely a good idea. Water saturation may be harmful to some materials used in the making of the cover. The mechanical action created in a washing machine is a far more dangerous thing; it can cause the cover become distorted as some materials stretch more than others. Drying is a problem, also. Some materials may shrink making the cover too small to fit properly on the bed. Inconsistent shrinkage may also distort the shape of the cover. As with all beds it is vital to use a good quality mattress pad. This prevents the mattress from getting dirty in the first place.

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Common Questions and General Information

Here are some tips and answers that we hope might address your problem or question. However, if you cannot find an answer to your question or what you are looking for please feel free to call us at (800) 877-5337 or Intn'l (714) 893-5351


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  • How do I straighten a bunched baffle insert?


  • What is a Hardside or Wood Frame Waterbed?
  • What is a Softside Waterbed or Hybrid Waterbed?
  • What is the best method of cleaning my bed?
  • How do I fill a waterbed?
  • How do I drain a waterbed?
  • How do I pack my waterbed for moving?


  • What types of leaks are there?
  • How do I locate a leak?
  • How do I repair a leak?


  • What causes odors?
  • How do I eliminate a smelly odor?


  • What mattress sizes are available?
  • What is a free flow mattress?
  • What is a waveless mattress?
  • What is a single mattress vs. a dual mattress?
  • How do I replace the Cap and/or Insert?
  • What causes Air Bubbles?
  • How do I remove Air Bubbles from my mattress?
  • What can I do about condensation?
  • What is the proper way to store my mattress?
  • What causes a mattress to become dry or brittle?

Temperature Control Systems

  • What is a Temperature Control System?
  • How long does it take the Temperature Control Unit to warm up the waterbed?
  • What temperature should I set the Temperature Control Unit on?
  • Where should I place the heater pad?
  • Why is the light on the waterbed heater flickering?
  • The waterbed heater heats all the time or too much.
  • The waterbed heater does not heat enough.
  • What is the electromagnetic field rating of this waterbed heater?