The Somma "Smart and Quiet" Pump

The "Smart and Quiet" pump has all the advantages of the "Quiet" pump, including below average ambient bedroom noise operation, industrial strength durability (rated to 15,000 hours of continuous use), high rate of air flow, and an attractive shell design. The "Smart and Quiet" pump also includes two programmable hard-wired remote controls with digital read-outs. With the "Smart and Quiet" pump, you can pre-set varying firmness level preferences. For instance, you may want to have the bed firmer for sitting up and reading or watching television. One touch of a button takes you there, and then takes you back to your preferred level of firmness for sleeping. And with the digital read-outs on the controls, you always know the firmness level you have chosen. Unlike many digital read-outs on the market which do not accurately measure the air pressure in the chamber, the Somma Aire "Smart and Quiet" pump always accurately and consistently displays the correct firmness level.

The "Smart and Quiet" pump is standard on the Somma Aire 5 Star Air Sleep System, and is optional on the Somma Aire 100, 3 Star, and 4 Star Air Sleep Systems.