The Somma Quiet Pump

Somma Quiet Pump

Different firmness levels can be achieved on either side of the bed with a touch of a button. Minimal moving parts mean the whisper quiet air control adjusts without waking your partner. Our state of the art pumps quickly adjust the firmness levels with virtually no noise. Each pump uses solid state circuitry to assure long lasting, maintenance free performance. Originally designed for industrial use at hospitals our pumps will last for 15,000 hours of continual running time.

The "Quiet" pump is everything explained above, while the "Smart and Quiet" pump is everything explained above and then some. The "Smart and Quiet" pump features a solid state LED digital readout and is programmable to remember multiple comfort settings for various reasons: i.e. watching T.V, etc.. Covered for the entire length of the Land and Sky Somma Airbed warranty, both pumps are the quietest in the industry, operating below ambient bedroom noise levels. They are 100 percent leak tested, using a high quality seal to insure dependability.

Because of their attractive shell design, our pumps can be displayed in full view. The hose system uses "Quick Connect" connectors that attach and detach from the pump and air chambers instantly and securely. The reinforced industrial strength air hose will not kink or crimp. Each pump comes with a 12 foot power cord for unlimited pump placement possibilities.