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Soft Side Water Beds


A soft side water bed has the comfort and warmth of a waterbed, without hard side rails! Our soft side water beds are designed to provide nights of support and comfort. It's our goal to help reduce pressure points so you toss and turn less, giving you a restful night’s sleep.

Advanced Sleep Products is proud to carry lines of fine soft side water beds from manufacturers like Land & Sky, Somma waterbed and American National. We have exclusive high quality adjustable soft side water beds and mattresses! They are made in the standard conventional mattress sizes and uses standard size linens, blankets and headboards.

For incredibly comfortable nights rest, replace your conventional sleep set with a soft side water bed. Try one of our soft side water beds so you can begin having restful nights. Soft sides have foam cushioned edges surrounding the mattress making getting in and out of bed. Be sure to check out our foam beds and Somma waterbeds we offer.

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